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About us

In 1972, Joaquín Asensio founded Aselag, a company located in Villaconejos, a beautiful village near Madrid famous for its production of melons, wine and olive oil.  Agricultural businesses in which Joaquín's family had participated for several generations.

In his beginnings Joaquín located his factory, in the center of the Little town, giving work mainly to the children of people who already worked in family businesses. Joaquín had worked for several years in a major textile company, where he had acquired extensive business knowledge.

Aselag's first collections were mainly based on pajamas and men's robes. Joaquín quickly commercialized these lines in the main shopping centers throughout Spain. In 1988, Joaquín's oldest son, Ángel Asensio, joined the company, after completing his studies in Marketing and Business Management. 

The transition of the management from Joaquín to Angel was not conflictive: from a somewhat more traditional business there was an evolution towards a more innovative product. 

After all Ángel was very sure that the quality that his father had given to the product was a fundamental element that had to be maintained. 

At the same time, he understood that they lacked the development of the brand as a concept and quickly got to work on it.  Thus, in 1990 father and son presented the new Kiff-Kiff with a WestHighland dog identified as the company logo. A "Westie" because he was the family dog ​​at the time, and ... Kiff-Kiff was the name chosen because it was that of a Spanish thoroughbred, winner of many horse racing awards, a sport to which a part of the family is very amateur. 

Since then, the Kiff-Kiff litlle dog has become a prestigious brand in Spain for pajamas and robes. 

Angel will go one step further, developing new concepts and new lines: shirts, boxers, swimwear, socks and men's accessories and later an important line for women.

 Today, 89-year-old Joaquín maintains the chairmanship of the board and Ángel, as the responsible for the company's management, prepares the future with his sons.


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