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Exchange and return policy

Notice of withdrawal to the Seller


The Purchaser will have a right of withdrawal that may be exercised in a

maximum term of fourteen (14) full days without being required to give a reason

any or pay any penalty, as long as you assume all of

return costs. Said withdrawal period will expire after fourteen

(14) full days from the day the Purchaser, or any third party that

may designate a different Carrier, take physical possession of the Products.


The Purchaser shall exercise his right of withdrawal by means of a notice sent to the

Seller on said withdrawal by making any

unequivocal declaration during the withdrawal period in question, for

email to the following address:


The Purchaser may also, at its option, fill out and send the request form

Withdrawal that can be found on the delivery note that accompanies the order.

The withdrawal period will be considered fulfilled if the Purchaser sends his

notice of exercise of the same within said period.


Return of Canceled Products


In accordance with the Buyer's withdrawal notice, the latter will return

the Product (s) to the Seller intact, unused, in their original packaging

intact, as well as the return receipt and a copy of the invoice without

undue delays and no later than fourteen (14) days from the notice

of withdrawal of the Acquirer sent to Said limit of

time will be considered fulfilled if the products are returned within the

fourteen (14) days of the cancellation period.


The non-return of the Products within said period of fourteen (14) days to

counting from the notice of withdrawal of the Purchaser will not give the right to

refund of the amount paid.


All costs of returning the Product (s) will be assumed by the


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